Chaos Theory

Ever wondered why we can’t predict the weather in the long term? Ever wondered what the meaning behind the ‘butterfly effect’ is? Well, in this section of my blog I’m going to be exploring the most intriguing and probably the least understood part of science there is, Chaos Theory.


Chaos Theory is one of the newest branches of science there is, becoming popular in the 1960’s thanks to the work of Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist. In the future, I will be updating daily or weekly more information and interesting mathematics that spring from Chaos Theory. Starting with the history behind it, moving on to discrete dynamical systems – looking at basic models such as the logistic map and tent map, then moving on to look at fractals.

Just remember, chaos theory arises and exists everywhere. Check out this first post on this forum, got told about this from a friend, it’s how chaos theory is related to Star Wars, I’m sure there’s a few “geeks” out there that would be interested in knowing the relationship!

Star Wars and Chaos Theory.

So if you’re interested in the weird and wonderful or just want to learn something new, watch this space!


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