The Devil’s Kettle

A waterfall in Minnesota, along Lake Superiors north shore, a river forks at a rock outcropping; known as the Devil’s Kettle, it empties half its contents into a deep hole, disappearing (apparently) forever. Why? Well, that’s still a mystery, and not because of a lack of trying – It has puzzled hikers, geologists and tourists for generations. Experiments (using ping pong balls, dye and logs) have been tried to see if the water comes out elsewhere, such as under the lake superior, but none so far has found the location of its terminal.

Devil's Kettle

The situation only gets weird and baffles us even more when you realise how much water is actually going missing, the notion that some underground river exists is a bit far-fetched considering the rarity of it. Moreover, the reality is that these phenomenon only happen in soft rock such as limestone, however, geologists will tell you that for Minnesota, this isn’t the case.

So, where does the water go? Well nobody knows, but if you happen to stumble across a large quantity of dye, ping pong balls and logs (and even a car according to locals) then I’m sure a geologist in Minnesota or even the world would love to know. As of yet, anything thrown into the hole has yet to be seen again!


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