Royal Tombs of Peru

Protected by 30 tonnes of stone, archaeologists secretly dug a archaeological site, afraid of grave robbers in Peru, now the site has unearthed an untouched grave site, thought to be over 1,200 years old!


Belonging to the Wari Empire, it’s full of mummified women, gold and other relics; the site was recently under-covered this year, boasting clues of the rule of women. The women were buried with their finely engraved ear pieces and other jewellery, previously believed to only be used by men. Most of the women were sat in an upright position, indicated royalty and other indicators of power. However, there was evidence to suggest that sacrifices were made as remains were found to be ‘buried’ on top of the tombs with their bodies spread out.

_-untouched-royal-gold-tomb-peru-gold_68843_600x450Jewellery found at the site.

The Wari ruled the Andes (centuries before the famous Inca) and had a long span of influence for about 600 years. In association to the Wari, a city was discovered in Peru in 2008. You can found out more information here.



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