El Caminito del Rey: The World’s Most Dangerous Path?

El Caminito del Rey (translated to The King’s little pathway) is a walkway pinned along the walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, Spain. Starting construction in 1901, the walkway wasn’t finished until 1905. It was built for transport purposes, to help workers at the power plants (Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls) exchange materials alongside facilitate inspection and maintenance of the channel. The walkway was given its present name in 1921, when King Alfonso XIII crossed the walkway for the inauguration of the dam Conde del Guadalhorce.


Ground view of the walkway.

The walkway is currently undertaking restoration, a project costing 9 million euros! Before late 2011, the path was deadly, with concrete parts of the walkway collapsing and large gaps in the walkway itself. Several people have died and the entrances were closed after 1999-2000. There’s some great videos on Youtube which show people climbing up the walkway. Click here to see someone challenging themselves and tackling the walkway.800px-Caminito_del_Rey_4 (1)

People attempting to walk the walkway

You can imagine how it must have been for the people building the walkway in 1901-1905. The path is only 1 meter wide and 100 meters above the ground, all that alongside the heavy winds that can occur; its just amazing how it was built. It saved a lot of time for workers once completed; saving them from climbing up and down the mountains continuously.


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