Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are among the world’s most prestigious religious locations in the world, sacred to Buddhism. Located in India, these caves were carved thousands of years ago from the mountain side; displaying inhuman-like capabilities as the tools and technology we have today would not have been accessible or invented when the caves were formed. The caves include paintings, sculptures and signs of astronomical knowledge and have been subject to wide-spread tourism and speculation as to how they were built.

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The caves were discovered in 1819 by a British office on a hunting party. Hidden by dense forestation the caves were said to be lost for centuries after the downfall of Buddhism in India in the early millennium. The Ajanta caves were said to be a ancient monastery for Buddhists, including space for living, teaching and worship; this is reflected by the fact that most caves are connected by the exterior.


Another fascinating feature of these caves are their relationship with the summer and winter solstice’s. The sun shines directly through gaps in the mountain to light up and illuminate significant religious Stupa’s (a place for meditation) at the back of the caves. It’s amazing because precise calculations and tools would have been needed to be able to orient the caves to the solstices since the caves are carved inside the rock. This has led people to believe that alien activity or interaction was involved in the feat of constructing the caves. There’s plenty of information regarding these caves and documentaries surrounding them. Check out the video in the sources below!




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